If you have ever searched for a job, you might already know that some interviewers ask for an additional document - a cover letter. Also called a motivation letter, this document increases your interview chances during the job search. You can always contact a cover letter professional writing service if you feel confused about writing. Meanwhile, read the article to

  • learn what a cover letter is;
  • check the guide on how to write a cover letter;
  • get examples of cover letters highly valued by employers.

What Is a Cover Letter?

So, whats a cover letter, in short? A motivation letter or a cover letter is a document attached to your resume or CV package. Cover letters contain information on your skills, job challenges, achievements, and education. They are important to job-seekers as they emphasize one’s professional background, qualifications, and goals.

The aim of a traditional cover letter is to persuade the recruiter that you’re fit for the job. Think of a cover letter as a “sales letter.” All because a cover letter advertises your skills and experience while telling the reader how a company will benefit from hiring you.

Importance of Writing a Cover Letter

The whole cover letter writing has strict principles and rules. Before we dive into them, let’s talk statistics. More than 60% of recruiters consider cover letters beneficial during the hiring process. Meanwhile, around 35% of HR managers would like to read a cover letter from the candidates. Why so?

  • A cover letter tells about your reasons for changing the industry or a profession.
  • It tells about your soft skills and personality.
  • It explains the role you see for yourself in the company.

Cover Letter Examples

If you want to succeed during the hiring process and stand out among other applicants, check the cover letter sample below. Once you analyze a cover letter example closely, you’ll know how to compose it.

Management Cover Letter Example

Check a piece from a sample cover letter for a managing position below.

“I have ten years of management experience in the retail industry. My extensive knowledge of business management allowed me to increase the company’s sales by 37% and strengthen the brand value. While working for McBrown Company, I trained and managed a team of product consultants. Due to my strong management and communication skills, I provided flawless organization to the internal company’s processes.”

Career Change Cover Letter Example

Some of the sample cover letters might contain an explanation of your decision to opt for a different industry. Check the example below.

“As you can see from my professional CV writing, I used to manage foreign companies’ budgets on a freelance basis. However, I understood that a career as an accountant wouldn’t bring me the desired personal and professional development. I have always been interested in fashion and have been writing articles on design for 2 years. Hence, I decided that becoming a full-time fashion writer is a good career change.”

Executive Cover Letter Example

If you’re far ahead on the career ladder, you might still need a quick change in your cover letter information. Check an example of a cover letter for a top management position below.

“I have been working as an executive manager in Drape & Tables for 8 years. My financial knowledge and strong leadership allowed me to cut the company’s expenses by 56%. Due to the successful sales strategies, I boosted the company’s sales by 34%. I believe I can improve your marketing strategy due to my vast experience and adaptability.”

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How to Write a Cover Letter

First, remember that a cover letter format matters. Second, focus on your technical skills if you’re a career changer and on your experience if you’re an expert. Third, don’t forget to use an opportunity to tell the recruiter about your challenges and how you successfully overcame them. Keep reading to find more tips.

Begin to Write a Cover Letter With a Header

All well-written resume cover letter examples will contain a structured header. A professional cover letter must include your name, the position you’re applying for, your phone number, and your email. Adding your home address or social media profiles like LinkedIn is optional. We advise you to write down all the data in a column and keep it left-aligned, as these are the main requirements in writing a header for an employer.


My name is Jean Bright. I’m a professional in the publishing industry. My phone number is 616-813-6743.


Jean Bright

Executive Editor

Phone Number: 704-849-8018

Email: [email protected]

Greet a Hiring Manager in a Business Cover Letter

All good cover letter examples contain a Greeting section after the Header. Including a greeting in your resume cover letter increases your chances of getting the job and springboarding your career. All because a well-written greeting shows your interpersonal skills along with business ethics.

Make sure you include the name or job title of the person to whom you’re addressing your cover letter. If that’s impossible, use “Dear HR Department” as a greeting instead.


Hi! It’s me - your new best applicant.
Hello! Long time no see!


Dear Mr. Brown
Dear HR Department

Compose an Intro in Your Cover Letter for Job

An Introduction comes as a separate paragraph right after the Greeting in your cover letter for job application. Your example cover letter should contain the following:

  • what is your dream job that you’re applying for;
  • the place where you’ve found the job ad;
  • your professional achievements (optional) or skills (like self-organization).


I found your job post on LinkedIn. I believe I’m a great candidate for the position you’ve recently opened in your company.


I’m excited that your company is searching for a fashion designer. Once I found your job post on LinkedIn, I thought that my vast expertise in fashion design and 7 years of experience would bring a new vision to Mort & Mortenson.

Explain Why You Are a Good Fit for the Role in Your Job Cover Letter

If you browse for “cover letter resume,” you’ll find that the data in a cover letter coincides with a particular job post in best job finding apps or on online platforms. Your cover letter sample should be a thorough analysis of your strengths and how they coincide with the job responsibilities in the ad.


In Brooks Brothers, I used my best sales strategies to increase the company’s sales and brand awareness.


In Brooks Brothers, I have applied my sales strategies to boost the company’s sales by 73% in 2 years. The sales strategies align with your company’s values, yet I believe my business methods will have a great impact on your company’s sales.

Mention Your Education and Skills in a Cover Letter

Most examples of cover letters focus on the applicant’s experience. But where to get cover letter help if your experience isn’t enough? Think of your diploma and other documents proving your professional development.


I don’t have enough experience in the industry and couldn’t find dream job because I am a recent graduate.


I worked as a manager in the textile industry. Recently, I’ve decided to make a shift in my career and apply for the position of manager in the fashion industry. I believe that my college degree in Fine Arts and minor in Design will help me in my career change.

Use a Call to Action in a Professional Cover Letter

Most cover letter samples will suggest a job applicant includes a call to action in the ending paragraph to stay ahead in the competition.


I hope I hear from you soon.


Thank you for reading my cover letter! For more information, you can always reach out to me by phone or email.

Close Your Cover Letter Graciously

A standard cover letter guide will include a Closing paragraph. Most companies will connect with you in a few days after you answer the job posting. Express gratitude and add a formal goodbye in the end.


See you next week!



Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your answer.

Kind regards, (Your Name)

Structure for a Cover Letter Template

To land your dream job, make sure your cover letter includes your qualifications and follows specific requirements. You can always find a free cover letter template online or consider the one below.

  1. A Header with all contact details like phone number and email.
  2. A Greeting.
  3. An Opening Paragraph that tells the reader where you found the job post and shows your enthusiasm.
  4. Body Paragraphs (skills and achievements).
  5. A Closing Paragraph.

Tips on How to Create a Cover Letter

At first sight, writing a good cover letter seems impossible. However, once you learn the cover letter tips below, you’ll feel more confident about getting your desired job.

  • Choose a visually appealing format. Some resume-building sites offer free templates.
  • Focus on your employment experience. It’s a good opportunity to mention your recent job where you spent the last 5 years of your life.
  • Skills and education. If you’re an entry-level specialist, focus on things that show you as a promising young talent in the industry.
  • Show enthusiasm and gratitude. Throughout your writing process, make sure to mention how much the opportunity means to you.

Writing a Cover Letter for Job

While writing a cover letter how to ensure its top quality? First of all, follow a cover letter structure to showcase your talents and achievements. Second, check a few tips below.

  • Customize your cover letter. “One-size-fits-all” is a wrong idea. There are no two identical job descriptions. Yet, the content and focus of your cover letter will depend on the position you’re applying for. Check the values and the culture of the company. For instance, mention your belief in sustainable living if you’re applying for a manager position in a plastic-recycling company.
  • Keep your letter future-focused. Most effective cover letters will tell the reader about your future career plans. Mention your dreams and hopes here.
  • Explain why you’re changing the industry. Tell the recruiter how your old skill set will align with the requirements of the job position. For instance, tell how supervising skills will complement the manager position requirements.

Final Thoughts: How to Make a Resume That Lands Jobs in 2022

You don’t have to be a resume professional to compose a superb cover letter. All you need is the knowledge of a cover letter structure and a little bit of confidence. So, how to make a job resume?

  • Increase your chances of getting hired by mentioning key skills and job accomplishments.
  • Add education if needed.
  • Always express gratitude and enthusiasm for the job opportunity.
  • Make sure your cover letter coincides with the job position requirements.
  • Think of your whole cover letter writing as an answer to “How can I benefit this particular company?”

Still confused about the cover letter writing? Contact our resume writing service online to win a job interview. Our professionals will gladly help you land the job of your dreams and springboard your career. Good luck!