“How to find a job?” is probably the most asked question today. Not so long ago, people used to stick to one career choice from graduation to retirement. Those times have changed drastically. Today job search for a new position is almost an unending chore.

Read on if you wonder

  • why choose a new position;
  • what are the tips and tricks for finding a new job; 
  • how to increase your interview chances;

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Why Do You Need to Find a New Job

There are many reasons to start looking for a new job. Here are the most common ones:

  • You feel stuck in your current position and seem to dread every working day.
  • You’re underpaid for the amount and quality of work you do.
  • You’re treated poorly by your manager or coworkers.
  • The job has become mundane and you don’t feel like you’re making progress.
  • You’re moving to another state so you need a new position.
  • You simply need more money.

And the list goes on. Whatever the reason for your job hunting and changing positions, there’s still a big question you must ask yourself: “I need a new job—but how do I get one?” As you’ll soon see, the process of finding one is quite straightforward when you follow a few steps. If you do, you’ll be surpassing all other candidates and you’ll find yourself in a position you really love in no time!

Steps to Finding a New Job

There are a few steps when answering the question of how to find work, and here are the ones we’ll cover:

  • Find the best sites with job listings.
  • Use advanced search options.
  • Showcase your background and build your own brand.
  • Write down all of your dream companies.
  • Write a professional resume and a cover letter.
  • Be ready to nail the interview.
  • Write a follow-up letter and carefully evaluate the job offers.

Let’s get into more depth on each and every one of these!

Find the Best Sites With Job Listings

Some say the best way to find a job is through site searching—and they may be right. There are a plethora of job openings on various job sites offering all sorts of career choices and options that suit your needs. 

The number one recommendation is LinkedIn, followed by Indeed and FlexJobs. Not to mention the various freelance-based sites like Upwork or Guru. take your time to research the site you like, and choose different ones for different career needs.

Use Advanced Search Options

When looking for a job, finding a new opportunity, and challenging your experience, finding the right way to do so is a must. In other words, you should take the previous step a bit further.

How? By using advanced search options! When visiting the sites listed, you can narrow down your job-related search results using different options. For example, different keywords, dates when the positions were added, locations, and types of work. Have fun with this step—and create the search query you’ll find the most comfortable. 

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Showcase Your Background and Build Your Own Brand

Here’s another creative and smart business move. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for out there, for whatever reason, start on your own! The answer to your question of how to find jobs may be answered by creating your own.

Being an entrepreneur today is pretty popular, but it’s pretty demanding, too. Creating your brand from the ground up, refusing recruiters’ offers, and not being just a candidate is nothing less than challenging. Try it out for yourself, and see if this is for you!

Write Down All the Dream Companies

Before doing so, determine the type of career you’d like to have. Is it part-time, or full-time? Writing or design? In the workplace or remote?

After you determine how to look for jobs and which ones you like, choose the dream companies you’d like to one day work for. And you can never dream too big with this, just let out your heart’s desire on paper. Now, we know that your goals won’t come true overnight, but with consistent planning and dedication, it may take months and even years. Nevertheless, once you climb the career ladder to reach your dream, you’ll be glad you haven’t given up!

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Write a Professional Resume and a Cover Letter

This is more than important. You can have the most optimized LinkedIn profile and perfect skills for the job—but without a carefully crafted resume and cover letter, your position will be replaced by other qualified candidates.

We at Skillhub know the importance of having a polished CV and a cover letter when looking for a new job—along with fulfilling all hiring criteria. One of our tips is to emphasize your skills over your past experiences, including how proficient you are in each one. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the process of looking for a new job will be smooth, easy, and even fun!

Be Ready to Nail the Interview

Yay! You’ve followed the tips so far, and you landed your first interview! But what to do next? There are a few simple rules when being interviewed, no matter the work environment you’re about to join. 

Many employers and hiring managers on the topic of how to find a good job, along with the proper application, mention the interview process. And almost all of them value just one skill while speaking to potential employees—confidence. So make sure you brush up on that one, show what you know—and show it off!

Write a Follow-up Letter and Carefully Evaluate the Job Offers

Another great news—you’ve got the job! Your interviewer was impressed, the application was more than successful and you’re sure about your career change. But what to do after such a successful job hunt? 

Great general advice is to follow up. A perfect way to do so is by writing a follow-up letter, explaining why you’re happy with the position, the interviewing process, and the general career choice. You can always express gratitude to your hiring manager and evaluate different parts of the hiring process. Be creative, but remember not to overdo it.

Best Ways to Get a New Job

We’ve covered all the different ways on how to find a perfect position. Now, we’ll focus more on the best ways to do so, some not so complicated. So, if you’re still reading, and you still need a new job, this is perfect for you!

The following information will seem to magically open new job opportunities and create new, and exciting jobs!


When to find another job? Some say to wait for the perfect opportunity to knock on your door—while some claim you should create your own. While it’s great to tend to the latter in most cases, the first claim does have its own pros.

When you’re being mentioned as a referral to your potential employee as a successful candidate, you’re making sure that future work relationships flow smoothly. In other words, you’re making sure to prepare the ground for your famous arrival at the interview. This is a great option, so make sure to check out if someone you know works for a company you like.

Job Boards and Websites

Job boards, as we’ve mentioned before, are an inexhaustible source of high-quality info, and, as some say, the best way to look for a job. Job search engines and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) are all about providing opportunities for all who are willing to put in the work.

You can create accounts on such websites like LinkedIn and periodically check out if someone was interested in you and your specific skill set. Make sure to be and stay active here, though!

Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies

Headhunters and recruitment agencies focus on finding talent and locating specific individuals who’ll fit the description of the position. They basically match what to look for in a job with an individual who’ll be able to perform the specific duties it requires. 

If you’re contacted by one, make sure to hear what they have to say. You do have to remember that these recruitment agents are not the same managers in charge of the hiring process; they’re here to assess your skills and compare them to the ones demanded by the position.


We know that when you’re new-job searching, internships are not really what you’re looking for. But hear us out—the opportunities they come along with are worth it.

You’ve maybe done a few internships during or after graduating, and your experiences with them can vary. But internships do open the door to new opportunities and better career choices for many reasons. They provide a valuable learning experience, as well as hands-on practice in the workplace.

Company Websites

When you’re changing careers, it’s important to apply job search strategies. One of those is researching the company website from start to finish. There are many reasons why, and they include coming prepared for the interview, learning more about potential employers, and landing a dream job by learning the company’s specific set of rules.

Along with this method, there are countless similar ones—like including your fascination with the company in the cover letter, and mentioning how you’d fit in in the follow-up.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are another popular job search strategy. They’re basically fairs with multiple booths, and each one of them contains a short presentation of the specific workplace, business, or firm. You can learn a lot about all sorts of different organizations, and glance upon a few business cards that’ll come in handy later.

If you like a specific position there, feel free to learn more about it by talking to the people presenting it. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon present the same one, too.


Networking is all about trading different information and creating relationships where both sides benefit. When answering the question of how to start looking for a new job, many people would suggest networking as the first step. 

It’s a set of amazing opportunities where you can meet new colleagues or other graduates if you’re in college, and expand your network a bit further. Let them know you’re searching for a new position, and soon, maybe you’ll receive a text of the perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Cold Calling

We’re aware this is the technique that is the least used, and also the one with the lowest response rate but hear us out. Cold calling and describing your business, or services you provide, definitely increases your chance of reaching a wider audience.

You’ll soon stumble upon a company you’ll find will be the perfect choice for your career needs—and you’d be glad you hadn’t given up on cold calling.

Job Search Tips

Here are some more tips on how to get a new job, get noticed, and land a perfect position:

  • Buy an ad in the paper online if you have your own business and provide your own services.
  • Reach out to as many potential employers as possible, either by email or through an online job posting.
  • Here’s another creative tactic—ask to be referred to potential hiring managers in the firms your friends and family are currently employed in.
  • Create your website to promote your content.
  • Practice interviewing skills, such as confidence, communication, and persuasiveness.

Key Points: How to Find a New Job 

We’ve come to the end of the article, so let’s revise the steps we’ve covered to help you with getting a new job: 

  • Decide your perfect position and create a list of companies you’d like to work for.
  • Prepare your resume, CV, or cover letter template to be ready when the time comes with the help of resume and cover letter writing services. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired!
  • Create accounts on online job sites or, alternatively, create your own website for your business.
  • Narrow down your search results and find the right job postings to apply for.
  • Apply to many of those, always making sure you fulfill the requirements.
  • Get ready for an interview, answer some potential questions, and practice interview skills.

And remember—our affordable resume writers are always here to help, either by crafting a winning resume or landing the perfect interview. 

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it all over—with people you think will find it useful! It’s a way to create your own network and attract new and exciting career possibilities.