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About Us

Writing a resume has never been that challenging as it is nowadays. More specialists join the global workforce yet increasing the competition. To win the job-searching races, your resume must stand out. A resume written according to standards will bring you closer to the dream job and let you build a ladder to the stars.

But why should you trust us among all companies?

  • We apply a holistic approach in getting you the best job. We start with resume writing and continue with creating a CV and LinkedIn profile to ensure you have all chances;

  • We design and format resume templates in a way that beats ATS bots. The cherry on top - we have hiring software to check whether the resume is ATS-beating after we create it;

  • Your personal data is kept safe - your employer will never know we have helped you to write an outstanding resume;

  • We focus on keyword optimization, so your resume stands out;

  • Our resume authors are industry experts with excellent writing skills;

  • Our site provides you with security when you pay with a credit card.

Our History and Achievements

We are one of the top companies in the resume writing industry with impressive statistics.

The history of our company started years ago. At that time, our CEO found that being a superb specialist in one’s field is not enough. To get a job, one must know how to sell themselves. Our CEO was frustrated that so many talents could not find their place in the world. Just because their not so well-crafted resumes could not beat an ATS. Which is no wonder. For instance, what to do if you are a promising specialist but have only recently graduated from college? Or if you are a career changer with no experience at all? Or if English is not your native language? This is when the idea to help people reach their dream jobs by crafting amazing resumes came in.

A month later, a team of industry specialists, recruiters, and professional writers gathered to create ResumeService24, a place where people can help others reach their career goals and stay happy. A place where dreams become a reality.
Nowadays, we have grown and taken place among the top players in the resume building industry. We thrive because everyone in our company is motivated to help other professionals in need. Everyone needs a stellar job to be happy, right?

  • We have more than 50 writers to attend to your needs and customize your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile. All of them are professional specialists with years of experience in the industry. Moreover, they are ready to give you a 20-minute consultation, which is totally free!

  • We have changed more than 1100 careers. This means that more than a thousand people have already won their dream job because we have helped them.

  • We have written more than 1000 resumes for representatives of more than 55 industries.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our global mission is simple: we want to give you more access to the job market and improve your chances to get the job of your dreams. No ATS can beat us! Which means no ATS can close a door to a job position you admire.

We Can Help You

We ensure you get the best-tailored resume, which would fully reflect your best sides as a professional. Our experts use specially crafted design formats to write a stellar resume that follows all standards. There are no two resumes alike. Which means your resume will show the authentic you and highlight your skills, education, and experience.

Check our services to get more help:

  • CV Writing Service;
  • Cover Letter Writing Service;
  • LinkedIn Writing.
We Can Help You

The advantages you get when cooperating with us are:

  • Keyword-optimized and masterfully designed resumes

  • Professional writers

  • Free 20-minute consultation from the industry experts

  • Security of personal data

  • Unlimited revisions

  • 24/7 customer support

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