Technical skills are a part of the hard skills cluster that almost all recruiters are looking for in candidates. Technical skills are job-specific and allow professionals to get the job done right from day one.

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about technical skills to impress hiring managers and land an interview:

  • What they are;
  • What the most required are;
  • How to present them in a resume.

You’ll also learn how they are different from soft skills and tips on making your resume stand out. Don't know what technical skills are important to include in your resume? Ask our professional resume writing services. Delegate and enjoy!

What Are Technical Skills?

So what are technical skills exactly? The technical skills definition refers to specific knowledge/expertise or competencies that allow workers to do particular job-related tasks. Usually, technical skills mean all things technology, whether it involves computing or managing physical tools.

The industries that need them most are IT, technology, science, engineering, and finance. But almost all positions in the modern job market require at least some level of technical skills, for example, abilities to work with specific software.

What are technical skills for different industries? For computer programmers, they include different coding languages (PHP, Python, C). In customer service, they may mean experience with specific software (CRM).

Why are Technical Skills Important?

Why do employers value technical skills so much? As other hard skills, they refer to knowledge acquired through education, training, or work experience. On the contrary, soft skills usually have to do with personality traits and are good for any position (like communication or leadership). Technical skills are job-specific, which means they are usually good for a particular role related to a set of expectations.

Another benefit is that they allow a professional to perform their duties expertly and with no delay.

List of Technical Skills

The exact list of technical skills will depend on the job you’re searching for. An applicant can also illustrate the technical skills list with examples from previous work experience—tasks and accomplishments achieved.

It will give a prospective boss a better idea of what level of expertise one has and how they can apply their knowledge.

The list of technical skills will differ decently for experienced job seekers and freshers. That’s why those two are divided into separate paragraphs.

List of Technical Skills for Resume in Your Field

If you have a specific qualification or vast work experience, put the list of technical skills for resume right after the summary, before other sections. This way a recruiter will notice them right away. Here is a technical skills list per each one of the 5 main work categories.

Technical skills to get hired in Digital Arts:

  • Basics of design;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Project management;
  • Photoshop/Lightroom;
  • Digital media creation.

Technical skills to put on resume for job searching in IT:

  • Programming (Python, Java, Ruby):
  • Cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Oracle);
  • Database management;
  • Network security;
  • Infrastructure management.

To land an interview on the Finance list:

  • Technical accounting skills;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Analytical reasoning;
  • Data gathering and interpretation;
  • ERP systems.

To beat an ATS for an engineering job put in:

  • Operations control;
  • CAD;
  • Computer science basics;
  • Technical reporting;
  • System design.

If you are looking for a job in the Math field the skills might be:

  • MathWorks MATLAB;
  • Mathematical analysis;
  • Quantitative reasoning;
  • Information ordering;
  • Computer calculations.

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Technical Skills in Resume for Freshers

Listing at least some technical skills in resume for freshers can be a great way to land an interview. When you do not have much work experience, technical skills come in handy to showcase your knowledge in the field. One can present them in a dedicated section above the experience and education.

To overcome ATS bots and get reviewed by a hiring manager, research the job postings. Use the keywords from the “requirements” section. A recruiter will appreciate any relevant technical skills and may value them more than experience sometimes.

6 In-Demand Technical Skills to Put on Resume in 2021

Now let’s talk in detail about 6 technical skills that are most searched by companies today. A thorough internet search of job listings shows what qualifications and accomplishments recruiters are looking for.

The 6 in-demand technical skills to put on resume are:

  1. Programming/coding
  2. Almost any business nowadays has a webpage. So, everyone needs a programmer or IT professionals. Especially in demand are mobile and web app development as well as front- and back-end development.

  3. Project management
  4. If there is a project, there should be a project manager. Usually, the employee that’s most engaged in the task can be promoted to stand in the head of all activities. For this, of course, the worker must have good management skills.

  5. Data analysis
  6. A colleague working with data is a valued professional at many companies. In the current day and age, all documents are digitized. This means that there must be a person to deal with research, analysis, and reports.

  7. Content and SEO
  8. Digital marketing, content creation, and SEO are at the top of the biggest companies’ needs. No matter how good your product is, without promotion, it won’t go anywhere.

  9. Information Security
  10. We’ve mentioned the trends to digitize all data, so logically, its protection is the next step. The industry is looking for professionals with knowledge in system analysis and troubleshooting, as well as general coding skills and cloud security intelligence.

  11. Design
  12. Creating a good looking product is half the job done, so employers are willing to spend generous sums on people who know photoshop and modern design trends.

How to List Technical Skills on Resume

A professional career advice expert would note that it is important to not only have those skills but also list them properly. How to list technical skills on resume? Here are 4 important tips on that.

  • Create separate technical skills for resume section.

When looking for a job with specific requirements in hard skills, list a skills section separately. Put the technical ones first and place the section above work experience. If they can be categorized, it is a great option. For example:
Programming: Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure

  • Present them in the work experience section.

Use technical skills to put on resume in the work experience with real-life examples. It helps to showcase how you apply them and what are your accomplishments. For instance:
I provided JavaScript/HTML/CSS full-stack development of the website.

  • Add them to the introduction.

An easy way to make an introduction or resume summary more powerful is to put key technical skills there. For example:
I am a graphic designer with 5+ years of experience in the Creative agency UI/UX department.  With deep knowledge of HTML, graphic design fundamentals, and color theory worked on a multitude of brand websites.

  • Get keywords from job postings.

To beat ATS and become colleagues with top professionals, find the specific words and terms that employers used in their job postings. Look into requirements and qualifications and choose similar wording for your resume and a cover letter with the help of a professional cover letter writing service.

Examples of Technical Skills in a Resume

Here is one of the professionally written examples of the technical skills section. This is how you can use a list of technical skills for resume to nail the applicant tracking process.

Technical Skills:

Full-stack development: front-end and back-end development;

Databases: database building and management, MS Access, SQL, SSAS Cubes;

Programming: Python, Ruby, C, C++;

Cloud computing: AWS, Azur

This way you can get the recruiter’s attention and present your suitability for the IT department.

How to Improve Your Technical Skills

To become a high-level professional, one always needs to work on further knowledge and growth. To get a better position, one can get a new qualification or certification. So here are some tips on how to improve technical skills.

5 Powerful Ways How to Improve Technical Skills

Whether you are applying for a job or simply want to learn new things, it is essential to know how to improve technical skills.

  1. Look at what skills and competencies are needed for a higher position. The easiest way to grow as an expert is to follow the steps of those who have done it already.
  2. Research job application requirements for your dream job. If you have eyes on specific positions, research what laborers are looking for.
  3. Visit courses. There are a plethora of online programs, workshops, and even degrees one can get. It is worth making an inquiry of what of them are relevant for the field.
  4. Be on top of the industry—go to conferences, follow the news, read about new tools and technologies.
  5. Follow the professionals from your field.

We hope this answered the question of how to improve technical skills at work.

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Follow Influencers in the Field

Influencers and professional communities will show you how to improve technical skills and be on top of the business field. Here are 5 influencers in the tech field to follow:

  1. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) is one of the most popular YouTube channels of all things tech, from reviews of new tools to interviews with Bill Gates and Elon Musk.
  2. Erica Griffin gives honest and in-depth reviews of tools and gadgets on YouTube. She reviews the new smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.
  3. ColdFusion is a channel devoted to the most fascinating discoveries and innovations in technology. There are also a lot of explanations on concepts and debunking popular myths.
  4. Sara Dietschy focuses on applying technology for creating content, from photography to films.
  5. Estefannie Explains creates funny and comprehensive tutorials on how technology works and DIY how-tos.

Key Takeaway

If you ever wondered “what are technical skills?”, this article is for you. It can help job seekers to get hired to positions of their dreams, since it’s important to put technical skills on resume.

  • They showcase your expertise and knowledge;
  • The skills illustrate the candidate’s suitability for the position;
  • They highlight interest in professional growth and development.

A well-written technical skills list can make job searching much easier, whether you are working in writing business, IT, or engineering.

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