Who doesn’t dream of getting behind the scenes of Google? Google is a true symbol of the Internet era and one of the best employers.

This article will help you learn some formulas of employment in this tech giant:

  • Core principles of Google
  • The processes behind the scenes
  • The obstacles of getting hired
  • Tips on how to get a job at Google
  • Friedman’s recommendations

Before wondering “how can I get a job at google” ask yourself how you can serve this company. While preparing for a job search pay special attention to the quality of your resume. In case of any doubts, use professional resume writing services online to make sure you are a perfect candidate. Google uses ATS to automate processes, so you have to be very careful as you apply for a job at Google. 

Still, a resume is only a first move toward getting a dream job. Stay here and discover the intricacies of employment in this company.

What Values ​​Does Google Profess

Imagine your dream of getting a job at Google has become a reality. Thus, it’s time to consider which values help the company stand out among other giants.

  1. Encouraging innovations. Google has a 20% rule: each employee can devote 20% to the development of their projects and 80% to their official responsibilities.
  2. Technical support for Google employees is available 24/7.
  3. Google employees “live in the future”. They test products that have not yet been released.
  4. Once you become a part of the Google system, you remain with it forever.

When you come across a vacancy at your dream company and wonder “what does it take to get a job at Google” think about composing a decent resume or CV. Experts at Skillhub exert all their efforts to help clients get desirable job positions at Google. With professional help, you can be 100% sure your resume will pass the ATS system control.

Penetrating Behind the Scenes of Google Careers

What should you know if the question “how do I get a job at Google” is your biggest concern?

  • In Google, your salary will depend on the amount of effort exerted. Sometimes it is difficult to find a balance between work and personal life.
  • A part-time job at Google is possible but it will not bring you the whole range of emotions of working in the Google office.
  • There is a spirit of internal competition. Yes, the competition allows you to focus on your tasks. Though sometimes excessive rivalry affects many employees who do not focus on the development of their profession.
  • A strict selection also entails competition. This will be the subject of our further discussion.

The Difficulties of Getting a Job at Google

According to Reuters, about three million people a year around the world apply for jobs at Google. And only 7000 - 0.2% are accepted. So next time you ask “how hard is it to get a job at Google”, think about these statistics.

  • Preparing for the interview takes about half a year.
  • On average, the employment procedures take 8 weeks after the first contact with a recruiter. Sometimes the process can take up to 3 months.
  • Google has become an industry giant due to its approach towards innovations. The company hires only those capable of developing new ideas.
  • Knowledge of technology and trends is of utmost importance. 

Hard Work Inside the Tech Giant

Since you have received the answer to the question “is it hard to get a job at Google”, you may start evaluating your perspectives. 

Even though the workload is enormous, the employees can manage their time themselves. Google offices are designed so that employees can stay to work even at night. 

Be ready that you will be constantly transferred to different projects. You will also have to communicate with people in various positions in the company.

If you have the opportunity to apply for a position in this tech giant, do not hesitate to do it. Below you will find some practical recommendations on how to impress the recruiter and show your specific skills.

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Google Careers: How to Get a Job at Google?

Everyone has ever wondered “what does it take to get a job at Google”. What if we say you don’t need to be a robot or a trained professional to become an employee?

Still, before appointments are given, each candidate must undergo a process of selection:

  • Resume submission. At this stage, your candidacy is evaluated by management. Our best cover letter writing services will help you write the best cover letter. 
  • Telephone interview as a preliminary procedure.
  • Office interview as a final stage.

Before starting to worry, read the article till the end and let us debunk some fears.

Which Skills to Boost?

What skills do you need to work at Google? It’s a good point that requires thorough examination. Of course, a degree and relevant skills are important for candidates. But even more important are personal qualities and readiness to work.

Some business corporations, including Google, use ATS systems to reduce hiring costs, so your resume must show you as a perfect fit.

  • Obtaining a diploma from a higher educational institution
  • Getting professional experience 
  • Boosting computing skills
  • Developing management skills and strategic thinking
  • Demonstrating expertise and willingness to learn more
  • Showing the ability to get out of the comfort zone

Searching for a Vacancy and Composing an Application

When all the necessary skills are attained it’s time to learn how to apply for a job at Google. Follow the proper recommendations to find yourself among the recipients of the positive answer.

  1. Visit Linkedin and search for the vacancies there. Your LinkedIn profile must be upgraded to a decent level so that you could stand out from other candidates.
  2. Improve your resume so that it meets the requirements. Tell about your skills and show you can ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. You can apply for more than one position, although we recommend narrowing your selection down to a few for which you are a suitable employee.

Getting “Yes” at the Interview

Getting an interview at Google is already a significant sign but let’s consider how to interview at Google to guarantee a positive result. 

There will be several interviews: with recruiters, with someone from the team, then with a potential leader. Attendance at each stage is crucial. The main rule is to expect the unexpected when it comes to answering the question of ‘How to get an interview at Google’.

  • Practice answers to the potential questions you may get.
  • Find out as much as possible about the potential job.
  • Be prepared to answer open-ended questions.
  • Feel free to speak about hobbies, school performance, and additional classes.
  • Prepare three unexpected questions for the interviewer.

How to Get a Job at Google with No Experience

Many people in search of a workplace desperately wonder “how to get a job at Google with no experience?”. Submit your resume, even if you don't meet some of the requirements and don’t possess considerable experience. Why?

  • Google is hiring not only candidates with experience but also those who show their “googleness” and ability of self-organization.
  • University graduates collaborate on projects that may be relevant.
  • People completing courses can boast some practical skills and an entry-level job at google.
  • Fluent foreign languages speakers are given special attention.
  • People having connections with other employees possess considerable advantages.  

Tips on How to Get a Job at Google with No Experience

How to get a job at Google with no experience? Isn’t it the most common request in search engine systems? To avoid Internet traffic and not to rummage in documentation in search for the answer, consider the following tips:

  • Highlight the right points in your resume: skills, expertise, courses completed, motivation, and abilities.
  • Focus on internships Google provides.
  • Fill your resume with additional hobbies and activities.
  • Search for useful connections.
  • Expand your knowledge: Google values motivated people.
  • Show your engineering skills.
  • Demonstrate that you are interested in technology.
  • Give your honest opinion on Google products.
  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills.
  • Share your brightest ideas.
  • Make yourself visible both online and offline.

As you can see, everything is possible on the planet Earth. And lack of experience is not a problem. Continue reading and you will find out that lack of a degree is also not a death sentence.

6 Steps on How to Get a Job at Google without a Diploma

How to get a job at Google without a degree? Is this your main concern? In 2017, Laszlo Bock, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Google stated that the diploma is not a good hiring criterion, it is better to look at overall cognitive ability.

  1. Take up courses. Showing expertise in, let’s say, digital marketing, is also a good prerequisite. Lead generation and conversion are a routine of some Google employees.
  2. Gain years of experience in other companies.
  3. Make friends with professionals.
  4. Fill in the knowledge gaps.
  5. Learn programming languages.
  6. Boost confidence and develop psychological endurance.

Job titles at Google vary from junior specialists to team leaders so you can find a suitable position. Whether your aim is something IT-oriented or a more creative occupation, Google has a lot to offer. Stay here and make sure you know how to gain your dream position.

How to Get a Software Engineer Job at Google?

What should I do if I want to apply for a job at Google? First, decide which position you want to occupy.

If your question is “how to get a software engineering job at Google?”, consider the following requirements:

  • Knowing programming languages (Java, C ++, Python, JavaScript).
  • Working with big data.
  • Getting programming internships.
  • Business optimization and collecting information on reducing material costs.
  • Working on personal projects with high operational efficiency.
  • Preparing for coding interviews.

How to Get a Marketing Job at Google?

Sales and marketing specialists can find marketing jobs at Google. Indeed, marketing also has a great impact on Google’s operations. Such positions will require specific practical experience rather than writing a school paper and getting a degree.

So, how to get a marketing job at Google?

  • Graduate top MBA programs.
  • Show the ability to evaluate the product, think analytically.
  • Have skills in digital marketing and sales.
  • Understand the principle of developing a promotion strategy.
  • Have work experience in Google subsidiaries or marketing agencies.

How to Get a Sales Job at Google?

How to get a sales job at Google? The sales job at Google is attractive and profitable, so it is necessary to adhere to a proper application procedure to get one.

  • Try to apply for intern marketing positions first.
  • Focus only on sales skills, do not overload your resume.
  • Show the ability to build a business, provide recommendations from your previous employers.
  • Develop advertising skills.
  • Be innovative.
  • Be more focused on business.
  • Be ready to pass a test evaluating how smart you are.

Key Takeaways of Getting a Job at Google by Thomas Friedman

According to Thomas Friedman ‘How to get a job at Google’ is a daily simple question. Almost anyone can get a position at Google. Indeed, if you wonder how to apply for a job at Google or how to get inside this company, remember what Thomas Friedman states:

  • Not only professionals win the competition. You may not know everything but show the willingness to expand your knowledge. 
  • A college degree is no longer proof of your expertise. You can get a job without a diploma.
  • Focus on what you know and how you can apply your knowledge in practice. 

When you start researching vacant positions at Google, make sure all the recommendations are followed. If you feel confused, start with composing a perfect cv. With the help of professional cv creation service you'll have your perfect application document that brings you closer to the dream.

P.S. It is said that sharing this article is the first step towards starting a career at Google. Feel free to tell your friends all the secrets you’ve just learned.

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