Chef Resume Sample

Are you struggling to make an effective chef resume to help you score a job at your favorite restaurant? If that is the case, we have the best tips and tricks for you to build a solid resume. 

We understand that the resume-creating process can be challenging, and you want to have a perfect resume that will help you get your dream job. Therefore, in this guide, our best resume writing service will show you: 

  • Many outstanding examples of sample resume for chef resume.
  • Chef resume resume sample that will get you a job instantly. 
  • The way to write a job description.
  • The right way to add skills.

Best Format For A Chef Resume

The correct layout of your resume will help you with your job application. The best chef resume resume format is the reverse-chronological one. It will include your work experiences initially, thus highlighting your duties and achievements as a chef.  

Look at this resume sample chef resume.

Chef Resume Templates

Resume template for chef resume should include the following list of things in the respective order:

  • Your contact information includes your name, phone number, email address. If you have a LinkedIn profile, add its link;
  • Resume objective or summary to explain your work and skills concisely;
  • Work history to tell the duration of work and your essential duties;
  • Educational background to mention your school and degree;
  • Skills to show that you are a perfect fit for chef duties;
  • Additional information to mention volunteer work, etc. 

Hiring becomes easy if you follow the correct chef resume resume template. 

Chef Resume Objective or Resume Summary

The summary focuses on your past experiences as a chef. It highlights your skills and job expertise. It is best to add a chef resume summary if you are a professional chef.

On the other hand, the focus of a chef resume objective is your career goals. It also mentions your skills, but in a general way. If you are a chef in training, a well-drafted objective will help you get your dream job.

Adding an objective or summary can be a game-changer for you. These will engage the recruiters from the start. Thus, they will call you for an interview instantly.

Chef Resume Summary [Examples]

Incorrect Example

I have 3-year of experience being a head chef at Rubik's restaurant. I possess exceptional skills at work, such as managing the staff and keeping the kitchen and appliances clean.

Correct Example

Provided exceptional service for three years at Rubik's restaurant as a head chef. Lead a team of 20 staff members with excellent leadership skills. Introduced five new items in the menu of The Pope's restaurant, increasing their business by 40%. Seeking to polish my culinary skills by being a head chef at the Dandelion restaurant.

The job market of the world is competitive, and you can choose the right chef resume samples to win the game.

Chef Resume Objective [Examples]

Incorrect Example

I have no experience as a head chef, but I have worked as a sous chef in a small café. I am a very quick learner. I also have a skillset that can help me to become a head chef.

Correct Example

Proven history of successful work as a sous chef at an Italian restaurant. Eager to expand my skill set by becoming a head chef at a premium class restaurant.

The right chef resume objective will make the recruiters pay more attention to your resume.

A Job Description for a Chef Resume

A chef is the head of the cooking department at the restaurant companies. Their job is to make sure that the kitchen is running efficiently. Therefore, the chef resume job description will contain the requirements and responsibilities of the chef. 

The responsibilities of the chef are: 

  • Ensuring that the high-quality meals are served to customers on time;
  • Planning for the menu according to the budget and season;
  • Ensuring that the kitchen is operating according to the safety regulations;
  • Supervising the staff members working under them;
  • Coming up with new recipes to update the menu.

The requirements include: 

  • Educational background of a culinary school;
  • A history of working as a chef in the past;
  • Possessing leadership skills to mentor the staff;
  • Should know how to handle emergencies;
  • Capable of keeping the kitchen properly clean.

Therefore, the chef resume should focus on what the recruiters are looking for in a chef.

Chef Resume Examples [Experience]

In the chef resume sample, you will see that your past work history needs complete data. You should

  • First, mention your current or recent job;
  • Then, keep adding the other jobs in reverse-chronological order;
  • Include the name of the place you previously worked at;
  • The duration of your work;
  • The title of your position at that business;
  • Add key duties to highlight your responsibilities as a chef;
  • Add key achievements to highlight the positive changes you brought to your previous workplace. 

The sample chef resume experience comes with the information that you need to add to your work history.

A Resume for Chef With No Experience

If you have no experience, you do not need to worry because you can still make a compelling resume. In a resume for chef with no experience, you should:

  • Add a chef resume objective at the beginning;
  • Include your achievements in academics;
  • Add any relevant academic or personal project;
  • Highlight the skills that can make you a better chef;
  • Include any relevant training or classes you have taken;
  • Add extracurricular activities;
  • Include relevant volunteer work;
  • Mention any award or certificate.

Including these points in your resume will give a reason to recruiters to give you the responsibilities of a chef at their restaurant. 

Sample Resume for Entry Level Chef [No Experience]

Even if you have no experience as a chef, you can have a strong resume by taking an idea from the chef resume examples given below.

Incorrect Example


The Café on 1st Street

  • No complaints from customers;
  • Made great sandwiches
Correct Example


The Café on 1st Street, NY
June 2020-January 2021

Key Responsibilities 

  • Provided excellent customer service daily;
  • Kept a vigilant eye on the items and their expiry dates

Key Achievements

  • 40% more customers visiting the café every day

The acceptance of your chef resume for an entry-level position will depend on many factors. Surely, you should add only valuable things to make your resume eye-catching and unique.

Educational Background in Chef Resume: How To Write It?

The education section in the chef resume needs to give detailed information about your educational background. The section should include: 

  • Your recent degree
  • Your school's name 
  • Your school's location
  • The duration of your time at that school
  • Your field and degree
  • Relevant academic achievements 
  • Relevant extracurricular activities

The chef education section written in reverse-chronological order is the correct format to follow. This means that you should write your highest degree in the beginning. The creation of a resume is a thorough process that will require you to include a complete educational background. Thus, you will impress the recruiter and have a high chance of getting the job.

Chef Resume Examples [Education]

Incorrect Example

Brooklyn Private High School


  • Top of class 
  • Loved by teachers

The Culinary Institute of America


  • 4.0 GPA 
  • Degree in culinary science
Correct Example

The Culinary Institute of America, New York 

Bachelor’s degree in culinary science and hospitality management


  • Excelled at every culinary project with an A+ grade
  • Won the award of ‘best dish with unique flavors’ in interschool competition

Brooklyn Private High School, New York


  • Appointed as the class leader in senior year
  • Handled the culinary section in the school magazine

Look at the difference between the two chef resume samples. The correct sample shows your growth as a chef, while most of the incorrect sample is incomplete.

Skills on a Resume for a Chef

Your skills are your best friend. Use them in such a way that your resume will win the hearts of the employers looking at it. To make the chef resume skills section interesting, read the job descriptions given by the restaurants. Notice the keywords in the listed requirements. Now, use those keywords in your skills section to catch the attention of those restaurants.

The career field of a chef requires specific skills, such as: 

  • Organizing and operating the kitchen
  • Multitasking effectively
  • Mentoring skills to assist and teach the staff members
  • Creativity to make new dishes to keep the menu interesting 
  • Ability to keep the kitchen clean and tidy 
  • Ability to deal with emergencies
  • Capable of adapting to any work environment

The chef resume samples provided in this guide will give you an accurate idea about how skills need to be mentioned. Then, you can take the help of those samples to make a perfect chef resume for yourself. 

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Chef Resume Examples [Skills]

To better understand how to showcase your skills in the resume, we have added two chef resume samples.

Incorrect Example
  • Cooks delicious food;
  • Maintains a good work environment;
  • Handling of staff
Correct Example
  • Extraordinary mentoring skills to train staff members;
  • Exceptionally proficient at working under emergencies;
  • Attentive towards customer’s complaint;
  • Exceptional at maintaining sanitary conditions

If you look at the professional chef resume examples by other individuals, you will see a detailed section for skills. The above right resume sample explains your skills thoroughly. In addition, it gives an idea to the recruiter that you deserve to be given the position.

Additional Information To Make A Strong Resume

Additional information will compel employers to recruit you. The extra details include: 

  • Hobbies

If you have any relevant hobby that aligns with your personality as a chef, mention it in the chef resume sections for additional information.

  • Volunteer Work 

If you have volunteered at places that help you build your skills as a chef, add the volunteer experience too. 

  • Certification And Awards

If you have gotten any award or certificate for your participation in any activity, mention it in the additional information section. 

  • Language

If you speak more than one language, add the language names along with the above information. 

Chef Resume Examples [Other Sections]

To better understand how to showcase your skills in the resume, we have added two chef resume samples.

Incorrect Example
  • I love to work. 
  • I play football in the evening.
  • My favourite thing to pass the time is to watch TV
Correct Example


  • Participate in every culinary competition that happens in the city 
  • Exercise daily to maintain physical and mental health


  • Volunteered as a leader at the donation drive for homeless people
  • Teaching students at the culinary school for orphans once a week

Certification and Awards

  • Awarded for ''great leadership skills'' at the Culinary school competition

A professional chef resume should contain accurate and clear additional details. In addition, recruiters who will scan your resume will love to analyze your personality as a chef based on this information.

Salient Points

Here are the key points to tell you how to write a chef resume efficiently:

  • Ensure that the format and the template you are using are correct.
  • Add a compelling chef resume objective or summary.
  • Mention your past work experiences.
  • Ensure that you have added an education section with all the correct details.
  • List your relevant skills.

Add any relevant extra information, such as volunteer experience, awards, or hobbies. 

We know that creating a chef resume all by yourself can be exhausting. Therefore, feel free to contact our experienced writers to create a customized resume for you. This will boost your chances of getting selected by the recruiter shortly.